Information Technology

Following are the responsibility of IT department

Raksha bhoomi

Defence Land Management Software -  It is an application for maintaining information on Land. The Shillong cantonment board maintained a GLR( General Land Register) for the the Civil Area i.e. Cantonment Bazar and Jhalupara Bazar. The register maintain information on area of the land, ownership, survey no, who occupies it , Sale/Transfer  transaction  and Other summary details.  Cantonment Board Shillong  maintains  3 volumes of GLR. Raksha Bhoomi 5.0 which is hosted on a cloud server which can be accessed 24 X 7 using MPLS connectivity. 

Public Grievance Redressal Software

Samadhaan - It is a redressal Grievance System for the general public residing in the Cantt area. It is an online system for submitting grievances and action will be taken on the related grievance and reply for grievance is forwarded to the concerned individual after action has been taken.

Employee Utility Software Suvidha

 It is a system for recording complaints submitted by the Staff on any related matter and action to be taken on the complaint.

File Management Software (FMS) for Cantt Board Record Room

The File Management System has been successfully installed. Its main purpose is for maintaining a uniform record of the files that existed and to maintain in a proper arrange manner .It has made it easier for accessing the current location of the file and its other purpose is for storing the file movement so to have a record who is in possession of the file.

Digitization of Defence Land Record

The management of Defence land necessarily warrants proper maintenance of the land records. These are Government titles on land; acquisition proceedings, General Land Register, revenue plans, oldgrants, lease documents, etc. having ‘Primary and Secondary’ value of evidence.